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Daniel H. McGuire Biography

Daniel McGuire is an experienced lawyer who has successfully represented many clients in all manner of legal problems. By having a wide range of experience, solutions to most problems have been found so that actually going to a trial is mostly avoided. His experience in personal injury, preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney and in processing Estates makes the process less emotional at a time when the survivor is grieving.

McGuire & Mills is connected to a firm of 14 lawyers who are available to assist Mr. McGuire or handle referred clients for him.

OFFERING more than 40 years of experience in:

Personal injury. Obtaining compensation for injuries relating to automobile accidents including medical care, loss of income and money for pain & suffering,

Wrongful dismissal. Obtaining money for money lost for wrongfully having your employment terminated, which could amount to two years salary,

Suing for breach of contract when someone fails to do what they were supposed to do in an agreement,

Suing to recover money improperly taken under a power of attorney or from an estate,

Preparing wills and powers of attorney,

Looking after estates when your loved one dies,

Preparing partnership agreements,

Preparing incorporations and shareholder agreements,

Managing the legal aspects involved in buying and selling a business,

Examining and preparing agreements for real estate purchases and sales.

Daniel H. McGuire, Senior Counsel, Biography

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